Sunday, October 18, 2009

and he's off!

Elder Kyle Wayne Hauser reported to the MTC
at NOON on OCTOBER 14th, 2009.
An hour before he was scheduled because he was so anxious to get there!

His mom, dad, grandma, sister Jill, and nephew Casen took him up to Provo to drop him off. Wednesday morning Kyle picked up Casen, threw him in the air and yelled "IT'S GAME DAY!" Kyle has practiced along time for this "game" and his family is very excited to cheer him on!

After dropping him off at the MTC we went to the BYUBookstore and sent him 2Dozen cookies to start off Kyle's 15lb MTC weight gain :-), Go KYLE!!!

Goodluck KyKy, we love you!

*These pictures are in the hotel room where kyle changed into his "uniform"...i mean suit...

*posted by JMP


  1. THANK YOU For The "Post", Jill. . . i LOVE The Photographs, Not To Mention, The Music You Have Chosen For This BlogSpot!!


  2. We received Elder Kyle Hauser's 1st letter today! He is doing great, his companion in the MTC is Elder Hoyt fron California, They get along great. Kyle reported that he can already say his prayers in spanish and bear his testimony! We are so proud of him and know he will do great things in the mission field. we love you KyKy! Love you, Mom